Across The Wire

Five Poems

By Mike Andrelczyk


The Logrollers 

The two of them are always there – eternally 

In my mind balancing on a spinning log beneath their wooden shoes 

Rolling on the river 

Wearing green caps with feathers in them 

Spinning their log 

As I:

Season an omelette with fennel, dill and sage

Type the words “fresh heist”

Waive all inspections 

Piss blood 

Hit a ping-pong ball into the net after a thrilling 8-minute volley

Try to sleep 

Leaf through an outdoor magazine 

Call my dad

They keep spinning on the log with their funny little green hats


Tahiti 2134

aurora borealis but you have to listen to a car insurance ad to see it 

the ghost of the gecko pasted to the anthurium 

barking dog sample sneakers with flame resistant tongues 

the translucent blue hockey player in the sea

of hovering hibiscus blooms 

I’m gluing my disastrous shoe again 

I’m wearing wraparound shades on an aluminum hydrofoil 

I’m tranced-out and sweating bullets in the tranquilizer garden 

as the fire ants swarm my strawberry-shaped wound 


Soap Bubbles 

I’m doing the dishes and I feel great 

because you’re describing a meme you saw 

and you just did that laugh style 

I really love


Secret Poem (100 mph)

I saw a yellow gibbous moon on two legs sprinting between dark


I saw a pigeon-colored crescent moon tripping down a spiral staircase

I wrote a secret poem called “100 mph”

It goes:

The sky has never been

Bigger and more meaningful

I am crying and driving

100 mph

And I’ll never be able to tell you about this



Speedwalking through the graveyard

into the cornfield and then crossing 

the highway without watching the traffic 

looking up at the chinook 

forgetting to update

speedwalking through another graveyard

mumbling to myself “I don’t give a fuck”

stopping at the garden to register the blue and to scan a cornflower

always talking to myself 

and maybe to you too


Mike Andrelczyk is the author of four collections of poetry, including “!!!” with Ghost City Press. He lives in Pennsylvania. On Twitter @MikeAndrelczyk and Instagram mike_andrelczyk.