*Subs for Issue 3: Pastrami Summer are OPEN

from 7/15 to 8/15 for all genres*

Welcome to Farewell Transmission–a literary space. We want your weird and brutally honest pieces. Your sufferings. We want the last piece of writing that you would want to be remembered by. Fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, prose, artwork–no matter what genre, send us your farewell transmission.

General Guidelines

Farewell Transmission welcomes simultaneous submissions but asks that you promptly notify us if the piece is accepted elsewhere. No previously published submissions, please.

Please do not submit PDFs; we only accept Doc or Docx files.

Creative Non-Fiction
Emily Costa, [email protected]

Looking for creative non-fiction/autobiographical writing/maybe even autofiction (???) between 1500-2500 words. Make me feel something. Give me details. Your job, regional sandwiches, strange hobbies, shame, your hometown, toys, abandoned spaces, close encounters. I wanna learn, so tell me.

Alan ten-Hoeve,[email protected]
*Fiction subs for Issue 2 are CLOSED*

Farewell Transmission welcomes fiction submissions. Please take a look at our archive for a sense of what we publish. We are interested in work that is strange, experimental, and true.

Brandi Spering, [email protected]

There aren’t any limits to what can be considered poetry. It doesn’t have to look or sound like anything traditional— it might even be something you can’t condition into a specific category. 

We’re flexible on length, but generally, please keep your submission to 1-3 pages. You can submit multiple poems within those three pages, but we are looking for singular works, not collections. (It can be an excerpt but should be able to stand on its own.)